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Equity. Our deepest commitment is to work that helps dismantle the deep structures of institutional racism and systemic injustice that unfortunately characterizes so much of modern society. We consider it a moral imperative to help build wealth and power among communities that traditionally have been excluded from both, in ways that ultimately strengthen our system and more closely align our lived reality with the principles we profess. 


Community. Drawing from decades of working across sectors and stakeholders, Altior Policy Solutions believes that policies and programs informed by the broadest range of stakeholders always prove more salable in their initial incarnation, and more durable over the long term. We can’t promise everyone will agree—but we can promise to try for everyone to feel seen and heard. 


Efficiency. Every public or private dollar that goes toward policy development or program implementation represents a sincere commitment to improving the lot of an individual or community. We promise to honor that commitment by looking to stretch every one of those dollars as far as possible, and seek the most robust return on these investments as defined by the objectives of the payor. 


Humility. One lesson from more than twenty years of working in policy is that we’ll never know it all—because nobody does. Another is that when we don’t know, it’s best to say so, and search for who might have the answers we need. Fortunately, a broad network of friends and former colleagues across the region and the country provides a wealth of potential sources. 

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