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Develop policy and strategy. With the experience that comes from more than a decade in New York City government and extensive local and national contacts, we are well positioned to drive strategy for organizations and institutions looking to effect positive change through public action, philanthropic giving, or other levers of influence.

Build programs. The right intervention can make a lifetime of difference for individuals and organizations. Our team has the necessary knowledge and experience to help you design, refine, and implement program models that are effective, cost-efficient, scalable, and replicable.

Create and sustain partnerships. No entity can do it all alone—but too many try to do just that. Our knowledge of the workforce and education ecosystems and strong networks among nonprofit, public, private, and philanthropic stakeholders can help connect you to the collaborators that can help bring your policy vision to life.

Tell compelling stories. Ultimately, the goal of policy is to improve lives and bring the world as we live in it toward closer alignment with our highest values and aspirations. Altior Policy Solutions has unmatched expertise at creating written narratives and presentations to render your ideas and ideals in their full color and power.

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