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Altior Policy Solutions is a public policy consultancy based out of Forest Hills, New York. Our areas of expertise include career-focused education; organizational and institutional planning for evolving labor market conditions; transitions from secondary education to postsecondary education, training, and employment; and the development of social capital among traditionally marginalized populations and communities. The Principal of Altior Policy Solutions, David Fischer, brings more than twenty years of experience in New York City’s workforce development and education sectors as a researcher, analyst, strategist and executive.


Altior Policy Solutions Principal David Fischer was the founding executive director of the Mayor’s Office of Youth Employment (MOYE), created in 2015 as the Center for Youth Employment. At MOYE, David led a team that created New York City’s first comprehensive strategy for career readiness through the “public talent pipeline” of K-12 schools, publicly funded higher education, and publicly administered youth workforce programs.

Under David’s leadership, MOYE helped design groundbreaking program models to connect paid summer work with year-round education, connect new college graduates to civil service careers, provide job retention services to low-wage young adult workers with limited employment experience, and deliver education and training services along with childcare for low-income parents with very young children. He served as lead author of CareerReady NYC (2019) and Connecting Our Future (2021), the first report of NYC’s Disconnected Youth Task Force, among other publications. Working closely with the Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC, David and his team raised more than $50 million to support new programming and expand successful initiatives.

Before coming to MOYE, David spent several years at the New York City Department of Education overseeing career and technical education (CTE) programs, where he helped support the launch of over a dozen new CTE high schools and close to 50 programs, and led an unprecedented effort to secure state approval for hundreds of existing CTE programs. He also worked at the NYC Department of Small Business Services where he helped shape the agency’s adult skills training strategy and was lead author of New York City’s first citywide workforce development assessment, “One System for One City” (2011). Prior to joining city government, David was a longtime author and researcher for the Center for an Urban Future, where he founded the workforce desk in 2000 and wrote reports on working poor families, local and national workforce reform efforts, demographic change in the workforce, and career and technical education, among many other subjects.

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